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"Scrum and Kanban - The Big Secrets That You Need to Know"
Here's the limited-time package I've put together for you:

Get up to speed with Scrum and Kanban in the shortest possible time with this super-concentrated course.

#1 - The Scrum vs Kanban Crash Course
This super-concentrated video course was designed to get you up to speed with Scrum, Kanban - and Agile - in the shortest possible time. In the course we'll start by answering three fundamental questions: 

1. What is Agile?... and how do Scrum and Kanban fit into Agile? 
2. What is Scrum? 
3. What is Kanban? 

We'll then line up Scrum and Kanban side by side - to compare and contrast; we'll highlight their differences - AND their similarities. (You may discover that they are more similar than you'd imagined.)
#2 - The Scrum vs Kanban WORKBOOK
Passive learning is fine...
... but I want your learning to be active!
That's why I've designed a fill-in-the blanks workbook to go along with the course.
#3 - The Scrum vs Kanban AUDIO VERSION
Prefer to listen rather than watch? 

No problem! 

Take the audio version of the course with you in the car or to the gym. Or in the car on the way to the gym :)
That's not all...

I've gone all out to assemble a bonus package that will support you before, during and after The Scrum vs Kanban Crash Course.

Bonus #1 - The Cheat Sheet COLLECTION
My Cheat Sheets are a little bit famous in the Agile world :)

This collection includes:

The Scrum vs Kanban Cheat Sheet 

The Waterfall vs Agile Cheat Sheet 

The Scrum Cheat Sheet 

Daily Standup Words of Wisdom

Bonus #2 - The Scrum vs Kanban COMMUNITY
This is the big one: exclusive lifetime access to the Scrum vs Kanban COMMUNITY. 
As you embark on your Agile journey, it's good to know that you won't be travelling alone; you'll be rubbing shoulders with alumni past, present and future.
Bonus #3 - My SECRET Agile Resources
My hope is that this course will whet your appetite to learn more about Scrum, or Kanban, or both. So I've created a list of resources - my go-to documents, books, videos and websites. 
IMPORTANT: I've never shared this list before: it's only available inside this course!
Don't take my word for it!

Here's what students are saying about the course:

  • “It was good, educational content”
  •  “Very simple to understand and well organized without too much jargon or details”
  •  “Didactical, to the point, addictive” 
  •  “Explained in simple terms easy to understand and follow, also delivered in a logical Systems approach to training” 
  •  “Easy to understand” 
  •  “Very compact information in an entertaining setup” 
  •  “The clarity in which you describe the two different frameworks.” 
  •  “Short and clear”

I'm taking all the risk

I've put together a package that's unrivaled in the industry. 

But if for any reason you don't LOVE IT, let me know within 30 days and I'll give you your money back.


No questions asked.


Here's a recap of everything you'll get when you purchase this limited-time offer!

The Scrum vs Kanban Crash Course ($47 value) 

The Scrum vs Kanban WORKBOOK ($47 value) 

The Scrum vs Kanban AUDIO VERSION ($47 value) 

The Cheat Sheet Collection ($17 value) 

The Scrum vs Kanban COMMUNITY ($97 value) 

Gary's SECRET Agile Resources ($47 value) 


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